Jinggoy Valmayor in UAAP 73rd season Football Champions: UP Men's Football Team

Jinggoy Valmayor
Last February 27, 2011, my friends and I watched as the UP Men's Football Team grabbed the 73rd season UAAP Football Championship. Here, Machay and I took a picture with Jinggoy Valmayor - a handsome typical mestizo who won as the year's Best Striker, Best Rookie of the Year and probably, Golden Boot. He almost photocopied what he had achieved during high school at La Salle Greenhills if it were not for getting the MVP title then.

Machay with Jinggoy Valmayor
Jinggoy Valmayor

Jinggoy Valmayor This is a fail picture of me with Jinggoy Valmayor (really not meant to be, his picture should be shared with a friend >.< or rather Mars 'the photographer' is the failure. Again, peace yow mah friend! :P).

Stephen Permanes has become this season's MVP.

Here's me and my friend's picture with the amazing Coach Anto. *applause everyone!* Good coaching there Coach! =D>

Deo Segunial won as Best Defender. He's hard to reach (if you know what I mean) just as how hard it is to reach his height. Hence, no picture for him. [-(

Now, here's a picture with last year's controversial (need I say?) player, Nii Ayi.

And since I find Jacob Ochoa to be hot despite the bulge in his midriff :D, I took a picture with him for his deep-set eyes (my penchant). I don't think he's part of the victory *evil*. He didn't play. He's a second stringer by the way. Correction! He played on the other games that led to the finals. Okay, self-talking...

Just as we thought that we were able to get a picture of Allen Serna, we only managed to catch his back...

Oh wait, there he is(!!!) with I-dunno-who <-- Sorry, but you're just that ain't popular. 

2 words: THE CHAMPIONS! *applause* (while jumping) <):)

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