Leonardo DiCaprio

height: 6' (183 cm)

eye color: blue-green

hair color: blonde

birthday: November 11, 1974

birthplace: California, USA

Of course, we all love Leonardo DiCaprio for his boyishness as handsome Jack Dawson in the stark 1997 romantic film, Titanic, James Cameron's masterpiece which made Cameron a magnet for blockbuster hits with highest grossing films of all time - Titanic at #2 and Avatar at #1. People always thought that Leo would just be another pretty face in Hollywood when in fact now, he has proven himself as one great actor. Thus, the meme, "Leonardo DiCaprio - the great actor who was never given an Oscars". Really, he's a terrific actor and it's just sad that The Academy Award Team isn't letting him nail an award when he deserves it most.

Just for my judgement, he was great playing as a drug errand boy (as "Billy" Costigan Jr.) for an evil Drug Lord when he's almost losing his wits as he's deeply psychologically troubled when in fact, he's an undercover agent of the FBI  in the movie, The Departed. He was also very convincing with his role as Edward "Teddy" Daniels in the psychological thriller movie, Shutter Island. The film started as U.S. Marshal Teddy coming to an island with his partner detective Chuck to investigate the appearance of a lost patient in a hospital for the criminally insane. As the movie would progress, as a viewer, you would speculate lots of things but the turn of events will surely leave you in shock by the end of the film. Leonardo DiCaprio was just so awesome in his acting that he made the film perfect in most aspects and I thought that I would fall in love with him (when I already did in Titanic and the film, Catch Me if You Can). Although he was nominated for an Oscars in the film, Inception, he should have been awarded before with the roles I mentioned. But well, he has a long way ahead of him in Hollywood. I'm sure that soon, he'll finally earn what he deserves because he's a real great actor.

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