Alexander Ludwig

height: 6' 2" (188 cm)
eye color: blue
hair color: blonde
birthday: May 7, 1992
birthplace:  Vancouver, Canada

Alexander Ludwig will play as Cato, a tribute boy from District 2 of The Hunger Games opens in theaters on March 23, 2012.

Remember this kid from the film, The Seeker on 2008? Who would have thought that in a span of 3 years, he would already look like this:
Yes, just 3 years and he would grow from a destestable 5'6 to a brooding 6'2! Imagine the growth spurt! It's not just about the height but also his body. Really, he has such an awesome gene pool. He has a sexy built to home a tongue-licking package of six-pack abs. Oh my, I'm already drooling just by the thought. Of course, we won't stop just with the abdominal muscles, it's his whole body. Certainly, Alexander Ludwig is one heck of a fit guy! No, not just fit but a hella gorgeous one!

Oh, just if you won't believe, here's the poster for his 2008 lead role film, The Seeker:

He originally auditioned for the role of Peeta Mellark in his upcoming movie. But the casting crew thought better of him to be an antagonist of the story. I think it has something to do with his looks. He looks too badass to be the kind person Peeta is.

His pictures when he was younger:

I know that you wouldn't get enough of Alexander Ludwig's now mature pictures (at the age of 19!).

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Escritora said...

Alexander siempre me ha gustado desde que lo vi en The Seeker ha sido mi amor platónico y me alegra poder verlo ahora en The Hunger Games.
Saludos, Made.

Amanda Mag ♥ said...

Ele é muito lindo e gostoso caramba .Que deus ilumine e mutiplique porque só um desses é covardia.

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