Callan McAuliffe

Callan McAuliffe is an Australian actor best known for his male lead role in the movie, Flipped (released on 2010), a movie adaptation of a book by the same title. He next starred in the movie, I am Number Four (2011) alongside lead actor Alex Pettyfer.

From a scene in I am Number Four.

With Alex Pettyfer, I am Number Four.

With co-lead star Madeline Carroll and Flipped director, Rob Reiner at AARP Magazine's "10th Annual Movies for Grownups" Awards Gala. - Photo by Kevin Winter

When I was fourteen, I read a book, Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. It was such a good read. I can relate to it much since the characters there are also of the same age as mine then. It is of he-said, she-said style of writing. After reading the book, I had a penchant for the name Bryce. I really wanted my own Bryce Loski then. And I dreamed that the book will be given a movie adaptation. My dream came true! Only then six years later and I'm already very much an adult :(. But never mind. The movie was just awesome! It's lead by the featured guy here, Callan McAuliffe *What a waste, we're not of the same batch*. Although he doesn't have the deep, penetrating blue eyes that Bryce Loski has in the book, he was able to give justice to the character he's portraying with his own über-good looks that have been accentuated by his soulful deep-set eyes and his blonde hair *though Bryce has black*.  And with his acting too! Although the book was set just as today, the movie was taken back to the 50's to go with the characters of the book (as a real handsome male species of today will never be shy towards a girl). He's a natural blonde btw (or is he?) but right now, he has dark roots for the film, I am Number Four. Here are some poster ads and screenshots of the movie, Flipped:


Oh~ I just flipped for you Bryce! I mean Callan. :))

A fourteen-year old kid with abs. He should have had a longer time exposure here >:).

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