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Chris Evans first majored in the movie, Not Another Teen Movie (2001) in which he admitted in 7 Things You didn't know about Chris Evans of Newsweek that he had watched it more than how much he could remember (40). It took 3 years before he had another major movie as Human Torch in Fantastic Four (2004). He had his most note-worthy role in the movie, Sunshine (2007). He had his funniest character (it took more than half an hour before I could recognize him) as tongue-lashing technical geek soldier Jensen of the movie, The Losers (2010) where his funniest scene is at the elevator (just watch it :) ). As of now (2011), he had his lead role as Captain America: The First Avenger (probably the best movie he has led) by Marvel.

Chris Evans in Not Another Teen Movie. The movie is sort of unwholesome for kids. But on 2002, I was just 12 then, I was able to watch the movie. And just look at how an slightly innocent girl would react to this: Chris Evans trying to seduce a girl with whipped cream and banana-tail on his back (scene's taking the mick out of the movie, Varsity Blues).

"Oh, It's not a sundae. It's a banana split." - Evan's character, Jake
"I don't like those either." - girl's reply
Oh prick, I would have eaten that banana split and what's behind it!

"I think I saw it about forty times.... I probably saw it more times more than I would like to remember, to be honest," - about his first movie, Not Another Teen Movie. Watch the video: 7 Things You Don't Know About Chris Evans by NewsWeek.

Chris Evans at the elevator in The Losers. A lot of people might not like him in his role as a funny geek in The Losers. But I love him there!

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