Jeremy Irvine

height: 6' 1.5" (187 cm)
eye color: grayish blue
hair color: brown
birthday: June, 1990
birthplace:  Cambridgeshire, England

Such a good-looking boy, Albert Narracott [War Horse] as portrayed by young and fresh actor, Jeremy Irvine.

Today, I have just watched my country's premiere of the film, War Horse. I decided to watch since I saw the ad online that the tickets were on sale at half the price at a mall near my place. Realizing that Steven Spielberg directed the film after reading some reviews, I was sure the movie won't be bad. And I was not wrong. It was such a great film that I was moved watching it. Sadly though, there aren't people in the cinemas I was in and the movie didn't receive a single Oscars. John William's original score for the film should have nailed one. Nonetheless, the movie was sure a great hit in my heart. And most of all, the main actor is so hot! ♥ Jeremy Irvine is such a great package. He did well in the film. I just so love his eyes and he looks charismatic in a Soldier's attire. I can't wait to see him grow and mature in looks (like Chris Evans). Surely, this new actor who hailed from England has a bright future ahead of him in Hollywood. Steven was right in casting him for the role. And I'm grateful to him for giving Jeremy Irvine the chance to shine for his first major film role. Dang, I forgot that I'm not a movie critic. :P Don't worry though, he has lots of hot pictures at the bottom of this post.

War Horse film poster:

Some shots of Jeremy Irvine in the film:

with Steven Spielberg and the horse, Joey in a royal[ed] premeire.

He just had another lead role in an upcoming film, Now and Then with Dakota Fanning showing sometime this year.

 Other pictures:

 Don't you think he's hot? :">

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