Colton Dixon

height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
eye color: hazel
hair color: brown
birthday: October 19, 1991
birthplace:  Tennessee, USA

Colton Dixon tried his luck in the Auditions of American Idol Season 10 but only managed it to the top 40. This year, in support as a family, he accompanied his sister Schyler Dixon who wanted to audition for the 11th season at Savannah. As Schyler entered the audition room, the three judges were somewhat surprised with her reauditioning. Her brief interview followed short with them asking about her brother who had a fallout last season. Colton Dixon had all the intentions not to audition that day after what happened to him last season but the judges would only allow to let Schyler sing until her dear brother appears before them. So then sang Colton and he was in! With his sister, of course. So, it seems like the judges realized their mistake last season that they had to force him back in this season. Yes, forced.  Now, Colton Dixon made it to the top 13 (results came out last March 1, 2012)! Well, Schyler was sent home before the Top 24. So anyway, I bet that Colton Dixon would definitely make a career this season as he has already had a huge fanbase. Of course, that's what we need... someone to feast our eyes on! No, kidding. He's a great singer, he has a smooth voice and his compositions are awesome. His good striking looks are just a bonus to a great talented guy that he is. I especially like his playing the piano. Well, since he finally made it to the 'vote page', I'm sure that fans (not to mention the population of young girls and the not-so-young alike) would never let him down. Well, we might just as well consider him the Idol.

Just oh my, take a look at those smoldering deep-set eyes... 

He looks like David Beckham. Would you agree?

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