Johansen Benedict Aguilar - UAAP 74th Season Athlete of the Year

Johansen Benedict Aguilar
De La Salle University Green Tankers' (DLSU Men's Swimming Team) Johansen Benedict Aguilar was hailed Athlete of the year with 2 others of the UAAP Season 74. Winning seven gold medals in the swimming competitions, he aced all athletes. He also broke the Philippine record in the men’s 50 meters backstroke (with 27.52 seconds) and two UAAP records -100m and 200m backstroke - last September. And then broke that record again shortly after, swimming with 27.29 seconds in the 26th Southeast Asian Games last November. Not only did he nail swimming competitions, he also topped his classes- what with being a consistent dean's lister in Applied Economics. He surely is one heck of a guy- athletic, handsome and smart.

Here's a wallpaper version: Johansen Benedict Aguilar
Johansen Benedict Aguilar
h Johansen Aguilar AguilarPhotos courtesy of my friend, Crizia and that man who helped us take  the pictures

The story behind:

Crizia badly wanted to see Sponge Cola perform. Seeing facebook's notification of Sponge Cola to perform at the Closing Ceremony of UAAP Season 74, she was set to attend the said event at PICC today. But then attending our class, she was confused whether to go there or not. Upon hearing her qualms, I pried deeper. And then she told me that the Streetdance Competition will proceed right after. While she's rooting for Sponge Cola, I was after the Streetdance Competition. And then we ditched our class. :)) Ok, while I really enjoyed watching all Univ crews strutting their stuffs, I was not pleased with the result. But then, everyone deserved it. So anyway, while waiting for everything to just end and let the Sponge Cola take the stage, there went the Awarding of the Athletes of the Year and the Overall Champion. And yeah, the host's turnover of the UAAP. With all these going about, Crizia had her eyes on this Johansen. And I was not paying attention with anything onstage. Btw, we watched the Streetdance up front the spectators' area, on the left side of the judges but we went down seats right after. While I have an almost perfect vision, I wasn't able to see well this particular Athlete of the year at far. Shame on me (normal vision, huh?)! It turned out that up close, he really is cute. :x  Ok, wearing glasses does have its advantage. Silly, you won me over there Crizia! =D> And that's how our dear young lad (now, I feel so ancient) ended up as my entry here. 

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