Jeremy Irvine - Ideal cast as Finnick Odair in Catching Fire

I had already posted about my initial ideal cast for Finnick Odair here: Casting Call for Finnick Odair . But then, that was before I knew Jeremy Irvine. He's one hot new actor one can't overlook.

Doesn't he look just perfect to be Finnick Odair? He's utterly gorgeous! He could easily pull off the sea-green eyed, bronze-haired sensual Finnick with his deep-set eyes and mesmerizing look. He's hot and sexy as hell.  His claim to fame was having his lead role in Steven Spielberg's film, War Horse. And I could say that he's a great actor. He's not fond of horses and let alone has ridden one before making the film. But watching the movie, I could tell how much he had worked hard to prove that the War Horse casting crew was not wrong in choosing him to cast as the film's protagonist. You can feel his connection with the horse and be moved with their bond. He partially studied acting in Theater in England so his acting skills are not in question.  He stands 6' 1.5" and one could easily fall for that height! Oh my, I can't stop myself imagining him acting naughty with a playful smile on his lips and the way he'd smirk when flirting as Finnick Odair. But oh well, I could only dream for him to be cast. And oh, he's English! You might want to hear his accent. :)

Here he is in his first lead film in Hollywood:

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