Roberto Marroquin

I was so excited to watch the UAAP Cheerdance Competition last Sunday that I have to wait watching tv on the same channel. I thought that I'd be bored watching boxing especially that the events aren't some highlight, not even close to championship. But what I didn't expect was catching a really handsome boxer for the main event.

What I do know based on the commentators is that he just recently stepped up from the ladder of featherweight to lightweight division. The match I saw was his first for his new weight class. And he won! There's a disappointing story though. People were expecting him to win a big fight that would make him a contender for the champion's belt. But with a wavering confidence on the main event, he just lost his chance for the belt on April 2011 against Leal with his first loss of 19 wins at age 21. I almost couldn't believe I listened so well to the commentators! Well, probably because I got someone to have a crush on with the same age. And that would make him 23 today.

He stood 5' 8" tall, a bit short for my taste but his beauty is just mesmerizing. Watching the whole match which ended at KO on the third round, I was enjoying his back. His face is what makes him look handsome and his frame is small, but he looks snappy in his posture. And his back is just too damn sexy! Overall, he would have passed for hot if it were not for his built. So I consider him cute. Well, you can beg to disagree.

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