Vince Ferraren

Opening my own copy of Cosmo69 magazine this year, I shake my head in disappointment. The concept for 2009 had been amazing that it flaunted equally amazing works from make up artists and photographers. Pages then had been lavish in bodies polished with soot and oil for effect that bedazzled my eyes, especially against dark background with a hot body on the foreground. The theme was "Gorgeous Guys Get Dirty" that set them up to dingy workout gyms, boxing arena and other courts. A year later, it was themed with wildlife and still amazing.

This year, they expect that "Naughty Schoolboys" would live up to the reputation. Ok, maybe I'm just too technical. I look forward so much on art and visualization, forgetting that it's the scorching hot men that matters. Well, I think it's about the lack of dramatization with the lighting. But even so, back then the pages were teeming with tectospinal-reflex-simulators that I didn't quite notice this year.

I thought that I'd be disappointed all throughout. Until one jumps right up my face. And I was just so happy. One yummy guy changed my mood:

(♥◡♡) (。◕‿‿◕。)
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